AWT - Access World Trading C I Limited. is a trading Company in Colombia, was established overseas basis and promotion of sales activities targetting global corporations in search of new commercial markets. We develop import and export markets, provide the best Colombia products to the world and get the major benefit to local industry with the import of new products.

Taking "Best Solutions" as our starting point, we at AWT are constantly involved in the development of daring and positive business activities. In line with our corporate statement "Looking for the New-next," it is our aim to continue to provide our customers with the very best in cutting-edge solutions. We will continue to grow as a top-class specialized-technology trading company that provides "top-class products" incorporating "the most innovative" technology, expertise and information, with excellent coordination skills and global-support systems.

AWT es una Comercializadora internacional en Colombia, desarrollamos la actividad de importaciones y exportaciones en el mercado internacional, promocionamos los mejores productos de Colombia en el mundo, abrimos mercados y nuevas oportunidades de negocios para sus productos, contamos con amplia red de agentes comerciales en diferentes mercados del exterior.